Mediation & Arbitration


MediationMediation has grown significantly in recent years due to its proven success in successfully resolving disputes that have not been settled elsewhere. Mediation is significantly less expensive than going to Court, usually completed in just one day and allows all parties to negotiate their own solution.

Jeremy Wise is a qualified and certified civil and commercial mediator and is available to mediate in the UK or abroad. Whilst he specialises in property related matters he has been involved in mediating disputes across a broad range of matters including commercial partnership, sale of goods, contract and property in divorce.  Recent cases mediated include boundary disputes, party wall agreements and property in divorce settlements.

Mediation is a non binding process but has an average success rate of 75% of all disputes being settled on the day of mediation.


Why Mediate?


Mediation costs from as little as £300 per party.


Most mediations are arranged quickly and are completed in one day.


Many parties leave mediation with a sense of satisfaction at achieving a settlement without a huge bill and having had their say at the mediation. Many comment on how relaxed they felt during the process and would recommend it.



ArbitrationArbitration differs from Mediation in that it is a binding process. An Arbitrator makes a ruling based on the evidence provided by both sides. Under the terms of the Arbitration Agreement all parties agree to be bound by the Arbitrator's decision.

Arbitration is useful where a final decision is needed. An arbitrator can also act as an expert (subject to prior agreement by the parties) using their own specialist skills and knowledge to help determine the case. No face to face meetings are required and most arbitrations are dealt with by written submissions from the parties or their advisers.

Arbitration is commonly used in settling leasehold property matters such as lease renewals and rent reviews.


About Jeremy Wise

Jeremy trained with ADR Chambers, a highly respected London based company and received their accreditation to act as a commercial and civil mediator. To date, he has a 100% success rate in settling his mediations on the day.

Jeremy Wise is a qualified and experienced Chartered Arbitrator (ACI Arb).


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